Drive, Pull, Explode, Breathe


Saturday was my first CF competition ever.  I’ve been going a year, almost every day because my principal last year suggested that stressed out teachers seek out professional help.  I competed in the Open with just 4 months experience in early 2014, and placed 36th in my advancing age group for the Southeast region, but Saturday was my first real competition.  This photo captures the moment so well.  Drive, pull, explode, breathe…not a sound in the room except, “Go, Erika!”  There was no prize for 1st place, for the many PRs we all set that day.  I moved on from one tough event to the next.  The best gift was seeing each other for what makes us human.  Drive, pull, explode, breathe.

BTW, that’s my husband, Fred, my BIGGEST fan.  He tore a page out of my son’s PE journal to write, “Go, Erika!” Best.sign.ever!


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