Beware of Vikings Bearing Flowers

I was teaching theme to my first block 5th grade classroom on full moon Friday last week (also our Fall Festival that night).  The kids were crazy twitchy excited and over the week.  Through the window slats, I saw my husband approaching my portable, and he knocked on the door, and stepped into the classroom to give me flowers…just because (because 5:35 am is a verb).

As he handed me the flowers, I gave him a peck on the forehead and asked my class, “What is the theme of this?” and the girls all shouted:  “Romance! Love is a wonderful thing.”  Of course, I’m trying to teach them the difference between theme and topic, but it was worth the try.  As my DH left I notice one little boy in the back of the room looking stunned–his mouth open and eyes wide in disbelief.  My husband is big and strong and well, he is a Vikingesque man (we had just learned about Vikings in social studies).  I looked over at this little blonde boy (probably my most Vikingesque student) and said, “Don’t worry! He’s big, but he’s nice.  See, here, he brought me flowers!”

Another little lad quipped:  “He’s probably a teddy bear.  Vikings usually pillage.”  I did teach them that they were skilled craftsmen and farmers, too.

And the eternal-in-one-ear-and-out-the other-girl looks up and says, “Who was that?” only to hear a chorus of “her husband!”

My spacey girl says, “Oh, Mr. Mrs. Altensee!”  We all giggled and the student who feared my husband says, “Mrs. Altensee, his arms are almost as big as yours!”  What a way to end the block and what a jolly afternoon it was!


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