5:35 AM is a verb

It’s almost time to scurry, cook, awake the masses, feed the kitties, cut up veggies, pullout the crockpot, spread the peanut butter (hummus, etc.), slice the bread, nuke the bacon, scramble the eggs, toast the English muffins, blend the smoothie, feed the dog, create the mental grocery list, prop up the one who woke up on the wrong side of the bed, feed the guineas, sweet talk the rabbit, gather the little one’s (not really so little) soccer outfit, pack the lunches, prepare the coffee, set the table, check the dryer for a sock or underwear, stuff the bag, brush the teeth, pull the hair back in a ponytail, dress the teacher, load the car, chase the clock…


6 thoughts on “5:35 AM is a verb

  1. I am always amazed by what is done by 7 am. I feel like the mornings take up a huge percentage “doing” part of my day! Sounds like that for you too. What a fun peak into your day.


  2. Man does this remind me of when my sons were young! My crazy days began at 5am. I was always at the brink of exhaustion before I even crossed the threshold most mornings. I still get up at 5am, but my babies are adult men now, it’s not quite as hectic.


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