Summer sighs

Summer sighs,

weary of the hum of air conditioners

and barbeques and back-to-school harries.

Above us to the north,

the evening cloud bank advances:

a storm is on its way.

As we slip into our silent Sunday splash

the warm pool drowning out Monday’s urgencies

and the dove cooing:  tooooo sooon, toooooo soooon, 

a red-tail hawk floats overhead

silencing the birds on the wire–

the mockingbird no longer mocking

the blue jay no longer scolding

the dove sits still and

from the stormy sky

crows weave in and out of formation.

“There,” I point out, “there!

There is a pattern! Triads!”

And, just as quickly as they are gone,

A great eagle soars and alights

upon the great oak above our pool.

Stillness rises restlessly.

I’m not here, the birds seem to say.

I was so irritated

I was so wickedly irritated

that I needed to clean the pool to get in

and look what magic appeared

as summer ebbs and the workweek begins anew.


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